Florida Police Have a 'Person of Interest' In Missing Baby Case

Shannon Lea Dedrick is just 7 months old and has been missing since Saturday.

November 3, 2009, 12:27 PM

Nov. 3, 2009 — -- Authorities in Florida have expanded their search for a 7-month-old baby girl who was last seen by her parents early Saturday morning.

The Washington County Sheriff's office in Chipley, Fla., is scouring wooded areas and garbage cans for Shannon Lea Dedrick, who at just 11 pounds and 2 feet tall isn't expected to have been able to go far alone.

"Right now the search is wide open," said Andrea Gainey, the public information officer at the sheriff's office. "We're getting a lot of leads."

The infant was last seen wearing only her diaper, said Gainey, and has brown hair and blue eyes.

"Dumpsters are just one of several places we've been searching, as well as a lot around the home and throughout the home," said Gainey.

Gainey said that a "person of interest" has been identified in the case but would not name the individual.

Dedrick was first reported missing just before 11:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, but parents told authorities that they believe she went missing sometime between 3 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Authorities declined to comment on why several hours lapsed before the parents called police.

The names of the infant's parents have not been released and a search of local listings by ABCNews.com did not uncover any family by the name of Dedrick in the area.

Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock said late Monday that Dedrick "cannot walk or crawl" and "did not leave the residence by itself," according to the Associated Press.

Approximately 75 search and rescue personnel are aiding in the search as well as K-9 teams.

Jay Golob, who lives about a block away from where the baby went missing, said that he doesn't know the family but he's always felt secure in the neighborhood.

"It's a pretty safe area," Golob said. "We have so many people who live here with kids that everyone kind of keeps an eye on everyone."

Chipley, Fla., is located in the state's panhandle west of Tallahassee.