The Conversation: Ford's Future With CEO Alan Mulally

Diane Sawyer and the CEO of Ford on the future of the car industry.

ByABC News
March 22, 2010, 12:14 PM

March 31, 2010— -- The 10-day New York International Auto Show kicks off this weekend in New York City, as all the car giants from across the globe come to announce the next and best in the automotive industry.

And, as usual, Ford will be one of the prominent names up on those turning pedestals. The company will unveil its latest luxury hybrid vehicles, along with a partnership with Microsoft that will bring new technology and convenience to the still-blossoming world of all-electric vehicles.

In today's Conversation, president and CEO Alan Mulally stopped by ABC News to talk with Diane Sawyer about his role in reshaping Ford.

Before taking the reins at Ford, Mulally was an executive at another U.S. giant, Boeing. How did he make the transition from the skies to the highways, and are there more similarities between leading Ford and Boeing that one might think? Why does Mulally think Ford and the other car companies are so important to the fabric of U.S. life? And which automaker does Mulally see as Ford's biggest competition?

Today we take a candid look at one of America's oldest icons with the man who is in charge of keeping that company alive and well. Enjoy today's Conversation.

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