The Conversation: Celebrating Your Inner Geek

ABC's John Berman celebrates International Geek Pride Day with geek experts.

ByABC News
May 25, 2010, 9:36 AM

May 25, 2010— -- Looking for an excuse to bring out that light saber? Perhaps you have been dying to dust off your favorite comic book or "Star Trek" T-shirt. Well, then, get excited, because today is the day you can do that.

Happy International Geek Pride Day! Yes, that is right, May 25 is the day when geeks and nerds across the world can wear their geekdom proudly. Why May 25? It happens to be the day "Star Wars" premiered in 1977, making it an appropriate choice for all things geeky.

In honor of Geek Pride Day, ABC's John Berman took the Conversation straight to the experts: New York Times techonolgy reporter Nick Bilton, and Joyce Dales and James Crosnby from the website Sweet on Geeks. They discuss what makes a geek a geek, and why today and every day one should wave their geek flag high.

So take a moment to appreciate your inner geek, and enjoy today's Conversation.

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