Should Rep. Charles Rangel be Removed from Congress for Ethics Violations?

One of the most senior members of Congress, Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., may have to face his colleagues today as a public hearing is scheduled to present ethics charges against him.

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While the ethics violations have not yet been made public, ABC News has learned some details. Among them, the 20-term congressman allegedly accepting four rent-controlled apartments from a New York City developer and engaging in improper fundraising activities, including saving a $500 million tax loophole for a donor.

Rangel has refused to admit any wrongdoing, even saying yesterday that he looks forward to finding out what "the allegations are so I can explain myself."

Lawyers for Rangel worked late into the night yesterday, trying to work out a deal with the ethics committee to avoid a public hearing.

An agreement wasn't reached, so barring further developments, a jury of Rangel's congressional peers is prepared to disclose the details later today. This morning, Rangel would not say whether or not he will attend the hearing.

So, our question to you: Should Rep. Charlie Rangel be removed from Congress?

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