The Fight for the Middle Class: Resources to Help With Jobs, Banks and Health Care

Where to get help in finding work, dealing with banks and getting health care.

ByABC News
March 17, 2010, 11:10 AM

March 17, 2010— -- As part of our series "The Comeback: Saving the Middle Class," 'World News" has put together some resources to help you with three key problems -- finding work, dealing with banks and getting health care. If you have suggestions for ways to help middle-class Americans, give us your thoughts on our main page at

Finding Jobs

Though much of the country is still struggling from the recession, there are signs that jobs are returning in some areas. ABC News' Dan Harris recently reported that agriculture and energy jobs are coming back in the nation's heartland, and other industries are poised to start hiring soon.

Our colleagues at Good Morning America have put together an extensive list of resources to help you find work. Tory Johnson's Job Club has tips on everything from updating your resume to using social networking sites to finding ways to work from home. You can visit their page by clicking here.

Some highlights to help you with your job search:

Industries That Are Hiring: Temp agencies, the health care industry, and law enforcement are all areas that are expanding their staffs, despite the down economy.

The American Staffing Association maintains a list of temp agencies -- click here for their Web site.

The federal government posts all its jobs at a centralized Web site --

Freelance Work:Even if you have a job, freelancing can be a great way to bring in more income to pay the bills.

Web sites,,, and all post freelance jobs that can pay anywhere from $15 to $50 an hour, many of which can be completed at home.

Help for Older Workers:For baby boomers, it's often more difficult to find a job than for younger workers. The stress of finding work is compounded by the financial obligations older workers face, from mortgages to college tuition.

If you are out of work, the government has resources to help you look for jobs in new industries and get the training you need. can guide you to your nearest unemployment office to learn about educational benefits, job counseling, and financial assistance to help in the interim.

AARP maintains a web site with resources for older workers -- click here to visit it.