Talking in Your Sleep Was Never So Funny

One man's utterances are being heard by thousands.

ByABC News
January 21, 2010, 4:27 PM

Jan 21, 2010— -- Adam Lennard goes to bed every night at his home in London with his wife Karen Slavick-Lennard ... and a voice-activated digital recorder.

Why? Well, Lennard, who married his American-born wife last summer, apparently talks in his sleep. A lot.

Some sample outbursts include, "Elephants in thongs are not something you see every day. Enjoy it."

Another: "Vampire penguins. Zombie guinea pigs. We're done for. Done for."

There are many more too vulgar to re-print. His nighttime alter-ego is rude and crude and certainly sounds insane.

By day, Lennard is a level-headed advertising executive. A self-confessed "pent up" Englishman.

For a lark just a couple of months ago, Slavick-Lennard began posting Lennard's outbursts on a blog every morning. The site, called Sleep Talkin' Man, soon gained a massive audience.

Nearly a million hits later, the couple is on the talk show circuit.

"It was actually just something I was putting up for myself and my friends," Slavick-Lennard said during her first interview on British TV. "It didn't occur to us that anything like this could happen."

Now, on their Web site they're selling t-shirts, bags and baby clothes emblazoned with Lennard's inane utterances.

Apparently, humans only sleep talk during light sleep, when our brains are chewing stuff over. There have been cases of sleep-talk confessions, real revelations, leading to divorce.

So far, everything Lennard has said is just gibberish. There doesn't appear to be any hidden meaning. Can "Badger tickling. Proceed with caution." actually mean anything?

How about, "You can't be a pirate if you haven't got a beard. I said so. My boat, my rules"?

"I wake up in the morning," Lennard chipped in on their TV debut, "and the first thing Karen does is, 'Oooh, I gotta tell you what you said. I gotta tell you what you said,' "