Statement From the Frito-Lay Company

Hotel 626 Overview

Since 2007, all Frito-Lay's brands have been a part of the Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative and pledged not to advertise indulgent products to people under 12 years old.

The Doritos target consumer is young adults, and Hotel 626 was developed as an entertainment experience specifically for consumers age 18 and older. The content was created within guidelines that would be comparable to a teen-rated video game. In addition, an age screening technology commonly used by a range of other companies also is included with the site. Hotel 626 is simply intended to serve as a fun experience for those that have an interest in haunted houses and Halloween-related content. It does not include any product messages or images and branding is limited to the opening credits of the experience.

Our aim was to create an experience that was both enjoyable and appropriate for the brand's target audience. And while we believe we put effective controls into place to properly screen visitors, we are always looking for ways to enhance the security of our consumers and websites.

Webcam Photo and Cell Phone Features

As a part of the Hotel 626 experience, consumers are presented with the option of utilizing their webcam as an added interactive element. The webcam experience is only available to those that accept the terms of the site and provide permission specifically for their picture to be included within the experience. The pictures are never used for any other purpose and are deleted when the site is disabled. A cell phone feature operated in the same manner and only with consumer permission, but was recently phased out of the experience and all phones numbers have been deleted.