Complete Coverage: What's the Difference?

World News compares the candidates' positions on the economy and health care.

Oct. 22, 2008— -- World News' "What's the Difference?" series examines the presidential candidates' positions on issues facing the American people in the weeks leading up to the election.

McCain vs. Obama on the Economy:

Candidates frame the economy as a leadership issue, but "What's the Difference?"

The Best Tax Plan for Small Business:Small business owners across the country consider the candidates' tax plans.

Comparing the Candidates' Health Care Plans:Dr. Tim Johnson explains the difference between their proposals and how they will affect your family.

A Closer Look at Candidates' Health Plans:Dr. Tim Johnson compares major differences between the two health care plans.

MATCH-O-MATIC: Who's Your Candidate?Take the test and find your candidate match on the issues!