The Conversation: College Rankings That Make Parents Blush

VIDEO: Want to know the top school for a "Walk of Shame?" has a

Picking a college is serious business, but it comes down all too often to information from glossy campus brochures and rankings from U.S. News and World Report.

That needs to change, said Jordan Goldman, the CEO of college information website

Goldman's site gathered information from about 30,000 students at colleges across America, sharing their opinions on their schools. Using that data, has compiled some unconventional "Top Ten" lists that it will release in the coming days.

"Walk of Shame Hall of Fame" is one list, where students report it's not that difficult to get "lucky." And then there's the "No Last Call" list, where "Animal House" is considered tame, Unigo's website says.

"We thought if that's important to you personally when you're choosing a college, here are some schools where you might want to look into," Goldman said.

But the lists aren't entirely about debauchery, Goldman said, adding that students deserve to have a variety of information before they commit to the schools where they'll spend four years and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"We went straight to the students," Goldman said, "to tell us what it's like to live and learn in these places.

"These are lists that are both more specific to actual students and created not by administrators and journalists who dont' know what it's like to go to these schools for four years, but created entirely by the students in those campuses," he added.

Goldman spoke with ABC News' Aaron Katersky for an interesting Conversation today that could come in handy if you're looking at schools or want to see where your alma mater ranks. Click play to watch and find out.

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