Steve Slater: Is Disgruntled Flight Attendant a Hero or in the Wrong?

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ByABC News
August 11, 2010, 8:37 AM

Aug. 11, 2010— -- Everyone seems to have an opinion on disgruntled flight attendant Steve Slater, who catapulted to national attention after sliding down a plane's emergency chute, quitting his job in a fit of anger.

There has been a wave of support for Slater online, where people have said they share in his frustrations.

"Working with the GENERAL public is mundane and rude," austenbronte commented on "WAY TO GO STEVEN!"

Slater was released on bail Tuesday evening and he told reporters that he appreciated all the encouragement.

"It seems like something here has resonated with a few people, and that's kind of neat," Slater said before getting in a vehicle and driving away.

Still, not everyone is in agreement on Slater's folk-hero status. Many call his behavior immature and point out that he faces several criminal charges in connection with his stunt.

"It's a sad commentary on America who we are picking as our 'heroes' these days," MayaTeacher commented on "This guy is a disgruntled, infantile jerk that screamed at his customers, stole something and deployed an emergency system to run away."

So, our question to you today: Is Steve Slater a folk hero or was he in the wrong?

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