Limit Your Impact on the Environment

ByABC News
April 6, 2007, 6:43 PM

April 6, 2007 — -- According to a new poll conducted by ABC News, Washington Post and Stanford, 94 percent of Americans say they're willing to make changes in their lives in order to help the environment. There are specific actions you can take to limit your impact on the environment:

Some companies say that with the right moves, the United States could cut its output of greenhouse gases 60 to 80 percent by the middle of the century.  They say there are steps that can be taken now, and they need not be painful.  They may even be profitable.

GE is one of 10 large companies that joined with environmental groups to make "a call for swift action on global climate change."

Among other steps, they broke with other companies to push the U.S. government to pass aggressive plans that would curb production of carbon dioxide and other gases, such as methane, that scientists say trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the planet.