Baseball Fan Goes for Snack, Snags Historic Ball

When Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run in San Francisco, beating Babe Ruth's historic record, the ball soared into the stands and bounced off three or four people before landing in an open area of the stadium.

At the same time, Andrew Morbitzer was waiting to buy some peanuts, barbecue and beer. He was standing near the ball and realized something was happening when he heard the crowd roar near him.

"Looked up and saw everybody reaching into the air, and the ball came over and I snagged it," Morbitzer said.

He was immediately hustled away by the police, leaving his wife in the stands, waiting for their snack. "He was in line for my peanuts and I was kind of wondering what was taking so long," Megan Morbitzer said.

The historic ball from the San Francisco Giants game against the Colorado Rockies may now be worth millions, according to memorabilia dealer Richard Loscalzo.

"This ball should be in the millions. I can't predict what it will sell for but surely it's got to go for more than the McGuire ball," said Loscalzo.

The ball from Mark McGwire's 70th home run in a single season sold for $3 million. But three years later, when Bonds hit his 73rd season homer the ball went for just $450,000. The market value of number 715 hasn't been set.

Bonds said he was just happy to have done it at home. "There's nothing better than hitting it here, there's nothing better than hitting it in front of these fans. It's a great honor, it's a wonderful honor," he said.

And it was a thrill for Andrew Morbitzer, who with his wife at his side, was also quick enough to say this was not his greatest "catch.'"

After all, he had to say something. He never did get his wife the peanuts.