Doesn't That Bikini Make My Wife Look Fat?

Cameras capture reactions when one spouse calls the other "fat" at the beach.

Nov. 18, 2010— -- As soon as celebrities' baby bumps turn into babies, they seem to drop the weight and return to an even more fabulous version of their slender selves almost overnight.

Reese Witherspoon slimmed down within two months of giving birth to her son in 2003. Kate Hudson gained 60 pounds while she was pregnant with son Ryder and dropped it all in a matter of weeks. With stars like these in the spotlight, it may put added pressure on new mothers to trim down right after giving birth -- and sometimes the push comes from their own husbands.

What would you do if you saw a man harassing the mother of his three-month-old baby about her weight? Would you step up to stop the verbal abuse?

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The hidden cameras of ABC News' "What Would You Do?" captured the scene in Long Beach, N.Y., where hired actors posed as a man and his curvaceous, bikini wearing wife. The husband barked at his wife that she shouldn't be wearing a bikini and should cover up with a shirt.

"I'm not fat," she said. "You calling me fat is making me feel fat and that's not nice."

"You looking disgusting," her husband replied. "You really are."

Women walking by seemed to notice, but continued on their way. Our husband kept up the harangue as a young woman on a bike approached.

"If you were 10 pounds lighter, I would say wear it, but you shouldn't be dressed like that," he said. "You're totally embarrassing me."

"How am I embarrassing you?" the wife asked. "You're embarrassing me, yelling at me."

"Well, I'm yelling at you because you look ridiculous," he said. "I'm doing this for you and not for me."

As our actress began to put on her shirt, the cyclist, later identified as Deliliah, chimed in, telling the husband that his wife was not fat, and that she looked fine in a bikini.

"This is between husband and wife," the husband said.

Our actress turned to Delilah and said, "I feel horrible. I just had a baby like three months ago and he is still on me."

"Right, and next summer you can put on a bikini," our husband said.

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Women Confront a Husband Harassing Wife About Weight

Delilah was incensed by his remark.

"That's not nice," Delilah said.

She looked at our actress.

"Look, good girl, I don't care what the hell he says. You look good," she said. "Do you need a hug? Go ahead, take it off. You can find yourself another man. You don't have to worry about him. How do you put up with an a**hole like this?"

Before Delilah rode away on her bike, she told our actress that she considered what she heard to be abuse.

Our actress said, "I know. I mean he doesn't hurt me or anything. He's just so mean."

"Look at you: You have a great body!" she said to our actress, "You look great, girl."

Next, when two women, Kara and Eva, walked by our actress, she solicited their opinion, explaining that her husband was adamant that she shouldn't wear a bikini.

Kara assured our actress, "You have a really nice body."

"She doesn't have a bikini body," our actor persisted. "Let's be honest."

Both Kara and Eva immediately shot him down.

Sister Harasses Bikini-Wearing Sibling

"What Would You Do?" then changed the variables and, with hired actors, staged a sister harassing her slim bikini wearing sibling. This time, our actress solicited the opinion of a male passerby, James.

"Let's see," said James, looking our actress up and down. "You could lose a little weight but you're not fat. I mean, you're not skinny and you're not fat."

He then looked the sister up and down and said, "She is skinnier than you."

When the sister protested that our actress should not be wearing a bikini top, James advised, "Anything goes at the beach these days."

Despite his carefree attitude, James had some surprising advice for the bikini wearer.

"Winter will be here soon, where clothes will cover up everything anyways," James said.

Our actress, laughing, said, "So, I'm fat. You're saying I'm fat."

"You could lose like 10 pounds," he advised. "Here's what you do: Eat only salads at dinner. Only salads."

Passersby were willing to step in when the person being criticized about weight was a woman. But what happened when it was a man being berated about his physique?

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