'What Would You Do?' episode recap: Mom argues with child over gender appropriate toys, daughter disapproves of father's girlfriend

A recap of a "What Would You Do?" episode with host ABC's John Quiñones.

— -- Here is a recap of the Friday, July 28, episode of "What Would You Do?" with ABC's John Quiñones:

What Would You Do: Gender Appropriate Toys -- At a toy store, a young boy loves the dolls and selects one for his mother to buy him. She is ashamed by his choice and wants him to pick out what she considers a boy’s toy. A young girl wants to play with a truck, but her mother does not agree with her choice. What will other shoppers think when they see the mothers disapprove? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Half His Age -- A single father is introducing his daughter to his girlfriend for the first time. The daughter doesn't approve of his falling in love with a much younger woman. How will others react? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: OCD Waiter -- A waiter’s obsessive compulsive disorder is upsetting a pair of diners who say it is affecting their dining experience. How will other customers react? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Roadside Assistance -- On a busy street, a motorist doesn’t know how to change his flat tire. How quickly will passersby offer to assist? What happens when the stranded motorist is an attractive blond woman? What about a Muslim man? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Lesbian Cake Discrimination -- A lesbian couple is being denied a wedding cake at a bakery because the owner says same-sex marriage is in conflict with his beliefs. With whom will the other customers side? Watch what happens: