What Would You Do If You Saw a Cheating Spouse?

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In tough times or at the end of an unsuccessful relationship, some people turn to extramarital affairs. And although the majority of people in the U.S. would say adultery is wrong, it's hard to know what you might do if you saw a husband or wife with a wandering eye make the moves on someone else right before your eyes.

"What Would You Do?" decided to find out.

On a bitter winter afternoon a couple sits at the bar of a tavern out for a special occasion. They are celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary, a milestone in their marriage. The wife seems to be enjoying herself, reminiscing about their years together. However, the husband couldn't seem less interested.

"Can you believe it's been five years?" Traci, the wife, tells Jeremy, her husband.

"It's a long time … Feels like 10 years," he replies.

His lack of enthusiasm is apparent. And when his wife goes to the ladies room, he catches the eye of a sultry stranger. After some heavy flirting, Jeremy offers to show the stranger, Jessica, around the area. His new female friend points to his wedding band, but Jeremy tells her "what she doesn't know, won't hurt her."

Their not-so-innocent exchange is noticed by a mother and son seated nearby. But what patrons inside the Wicked Wolf Tavern in Hoboken, N.J., don't know is that our troubled couple and the potential mistress are actors and our "What Would You Do?" hidden cameras are rolling to find out how people will respond to a cheating spouse.

Although the mother and son are all ears, they leave the Wicked Wolf without intervening. We wonder why and decide it is time to reveal that this is all part of our "What Would You Do?" scenario.

The mother tells us she was conflicted, "It was just such a horrible moral dilemma. I really wanted to tell her, but you can't burst somebody's bubble like that," she says.

We try the scenario again and our philandering husband is making his move. However this time, we meet a woman who, when alone with Traci, hints to our wife that Traci's man may be less than faithful.

'You Just Never Know'

"I'm taking my time to settle down," the patron tells Traci.

"I guess you just have to find the right person. It's all about respect and trust," Traci replies.

"Yeah, that's what you try to look for. The problem is you just never know," the woman subtly suggests to Traci.

We later introduce ourselves to the woman who admits that she too wanted to tell our unknowing wife about her husband's misdeeds. Instead, she shares her disapproval through text messages to her boyfriend, writing, "OMG he seriously just asked to take her out for a drink tonight and admitted to having a wife."

Later in the day, we meet a man who becomes fast friends with our couple, gushing about his wife and children. But when he is alone with our now suspicious wife, he tells our actress of her wandering husband's behavior.

Patron to Suspicious Wife: 'Follow Your Instincts'

"It seemed weird. It seemed inappropriate," the man informs Traci.

He tells her to consider something else -- her instincts. He tells us the same thing when we catch up with him later.

"Follow your instincts they're usually correct," he says.

But cheating isn't always a man's offense. How will patrons respond when instead of a philandering man, we swap roles for an unfaithful female?

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