EXCERPT: 'A Voice From Heaven'

Psychic Sheree Silver on Numerology

ByABC News
February 11, 2009, 12:20 AM

May 8, 2008— -- What is our relationship to numbers, and are we each imprinted with our own set of numbers that we can use to navigate our lives? The science of Numerology has been in existence for thousands of years and Sheree Silver who holds a Ph.D. in metaphysical philosophy and is a certified hypnotherapist and author of the book "A Voice from Heaven" stopped by "GMA Now" to help us further understand its usefulness.

To learn more about Numerology, be sure to click on the video to the left of this text and please find excerpt from Silver's book, "A Voice from Heaven," below. In the book, Silver records a conversation in which her grandfather on "the other side" spoke to her, and she was able to question him.

Grandfather: Sheree, light is what is needed on planet Earth. There is a lot of darkness, fear, anger and hate. This all deepens the darkness. The lily is the light that grows out of the darkness. Always remember light is always there. It's there in the hugs you give your children at night. It's there in the hugs your children give you as they say, "I love you, mommy." It's there in the hello while you pass a stranger while walking on the beach. Or when someone says, "I'm sorry for being rude. I'm in a bad mood." You see, light and love are both the same.

Are there any other realms besides the place where you are now?

Yes, there are deeper states of being, but this is the only place I have been so far. The majority the souls, from what I have been told, are here.

If there are higher places, don't you want to go there?

All I want is to be one with the source.

Why do we have to be on Earth with all the temptations, density, and negativity before we can be one with God?

That is the great question. Our souls wish to experience life. We are forever experiencing joy and excitement to express our divinity. Freedom to experience life brings such joy to the soul. In a way, our souls are like children, so thankful to God for the ability to have a body to laugh, run, play, and create. It's like billions of Gods all dancing independently like the stars.

Will you reincarnate?

Yes, I will come back again – it's necessary. Everyone in this level comes back again.