The Gift of Adventure

Unique Gifts for Those Who Like to Travel

Dec. 10, 2008— -- It can be difficult to find the perfect present for that special someone this time of year.

If you're looking for a more exotic gift option, GMA Now asked Discovery Expectations to share some of their budget-friendly adventures.

Here is the list of the Discovery Experiences gift options shared on GMA Now:

1. Intro to Archery for Two (from $55)

First, the basics: learn how to stand, how to hold the equipment, and how to aim an arrow safely, with precision and strength. Then, it's time to give it your best shot! This is a sport for everyone -- young, old, persons with disabilities.

2. Wolf Watch Experience for Two (from $50)

Get a glimpse of what it's like living with the wolfman. Witness the company of wolves with an exciting excursion to a wolf preserve. Learn from the people who raise and care for the wolves about the animals' evolution and history, their behavior and sociology, how they interact with humans, and more. Safely look on from the observation area as these amazing animals play and interact.

3. Flying Trapeze (from $55)

Get into the swing of things! Reach new heights with an introductory lesson in aerial arts. Take to the trapeze and learn the elements of flying from a professional trainer. Begin with the basics and work up to more challenging tricks -- even try your hand at a release and catch! As your skills and confidence progress, learn to swing, sway, and enjoy this uplifting activity. All sessions are conducted with safety lines and a spotting belt to assure your safety at all times.

4. Walking Photo Safari (from $60)

You'll be hunting on foot in city neighborhoods, armed with your own camera, as you focus on improving your photography skills during this safari with a professional photographer. Another option is visiting a zoo or safari park and to train your camera on the animals. Either way you will improve your skill while enjoying a new perspective. Photographers of any skill level, with any kind of camera, film or digital, are invited to tour.

5. Private Yoga Sampler (from $85)

Intrigued by yoga but not sure what method is right for you? Let an instructor explain the basic principles and match your goals with a private yoga workout that is right for you. Stretch your mind and your body as you explore a variety of invigorating and energizing poses that strengthen muscles, improve concentration, and reduce stress. Available most major cities; one hour; perfect for someone who want to explore the benefits of yoga.

And if you're looking to splurge:

6. Supreme Stock Car Ride and Drive (from $525)

Sit shotgun and fly full speed ahead as you race four laps around the race track in a stock car with a licensed professional driver. Then, move over and fulfill your need for speed as you drive 16 laps on your own. Get to know the basics of stock car racing and experience the thrill of trying your hand at the world's fastest growing sport.