157 new emojis -- including peacock and hot face -- finalized for 2018 release
WATCH: The new emojis will be developed for smartphones and available this fall.

From a microbe to a mango, 2018 will see the release of dozens of new emojis, according to a statement from Unicode, the organization in charge of emoji data and development. Unicode finalized the list on Wednesday.

“Emoji 11.0 has been released, with 157 new emojis such as hot face, red-haired woman, mosquito and pirate flag,” reads the statement.

Now that Unicode has released the data for each emoji, individual smartphone vendors will develop the emojis for their devices. According to Unicode, smartphone users can expect the new emojis to be released in August or September of this year.

Emojipedia sample images for Emoji 11.0.

Emojipedia, a database for all things emoji, created mock ups of what the emojis would look like on an Apple iPhone.

Emojipedia sample images for Emoji 11.0.

Unicode is taking proposals from anyone for emoji 12.0, which must be submitted before the end of March 2018.