'Scandal' star Bellamy Young talks hit series ending, her role in 'Wrinkle in Time'
WATCH: Actress Bellamy Young discusses the impact of those talking about sexual assault and sexual harassment in Hollywood.

It's the last season fans will see Bellamy Young play president Mellie Grant on the hit series "Scandal." The actress calls the end of the series "heartbreaking."

"It's like death by a thousand paper cuts," Young, 47, told ABC News. "Every little thing is a sad goodbye -- every table read, or [if] we wrap a character or we do a little press ... but we're so lucky."

The actress said she feels like season 7 is an "extra season" since creator Shonda Rhimes had originally planned to end the series with the inauguration of her character into the presidency.

"But then the world changed and [she] had these other stories to tell with this forum," Young added.

Bellamy Young and Kerry Washington appear on an episode of "Scandal."

Young said she's thrilled Rhimes had even more stories to tell, especially if it means that the country becomes used to seeing a woman in the Oval Office.

"I also feel so lucky to be a part of acclimating our country to the notion of women in power," she said, "I just think our country is a little behind the times in that regard."

After she officially wraps "Scandal," fans will see Young in the highly-anticipated film adaption of "A Wrinkle in Time," out March 9, 2018.

"The book meant the world to me growing up ... it's just very human and affirming," Young said.

Still, she's keeping mum on her exact role, which still hasn't officially been named.

"I'm minor," she teased. "You don't want to hear it from me. You want to see it on the screen ... You need to see that movie. It's too pretty."

Between gigs, however, Young is using her platform to shed light on one solution to a very common problem -- dry eye. The actress said after working 17 hours in older studios in Los Angeles, she began to notice a change in her eyes.

After a "simple conversation with my eye doctor," she recommended Restasis Multidose, where Young is now a spokeswoman.

Bellamy Young appears in a scene from the upcoming movie "A Wrinkle in Time."

Fans can catch Young on "Scandal" tonight, when a new episode airs on ABC. She teased what fans can expect.

"It is the wedding we've all been revving up for -- Quinn and Charlie to get married," Young said, adding that there's a small problem however ahead of her nuptials.

"Quinn goes missing. These next few episodes are a lot," she said. "It makes for good TV."

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