Anna Nicole Peeved at Playboy

December 29, 2001 -- Anna Nicole Smith is sending a warning message to her former pals at Playboy: Don't mess with Texas women. The busty blonde is hotter than a pistol after learning that the magazine plans on printing old photos of her in its February issue.

Smith, who was the 1993 Playmate of the Year, refused to pose for the nude glossy. Undaunted by her balking, Playboy is running photos of the Texas-born pinup from the early '90s, according the New York Post's Page Six.

Smith's rep tells the paper, "These pictures are very tacky. [They're] very annoying and they make light of her situation."

The buxom model, who will apparently be seen rolling in jewels and fur in the upcoming Playboy spread, is currently in court seeking a share of the $1.6 billion estate of late oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, whom she wed in 1994 when she was 26 and he was 89.

Smith is suing Marshall's youngest son, Pierce, who manages his father's estate. He testified earlier that Smith got millions of dollars from his father while he was alive, but that she received none of the estate because his father left her nothing in his will.

In September, a Los Angeles judge awarded Smith nearly $450 million from the estate in a separate proceeding in federal bankruptcy court. Marshall has appealed the ruling.

"[Playboy calls] her a $450 million Playmate," Smith's publicist complains. "She hasn't even gotten it yet. It's not a done deal. She's still fighting for it."

A Playboy spokeswoman told Page Six, "We think the pictures are beautiful or we wouldn't have run them."