Big Momma Actor Howard Jailed

August 21, 2000 -- Actor Terrence Howard was recently seen playing a thug on the run in Big Momma's House, and now he's being accused of acting like a criminal off-screen.

Howard was released Friday after spending a night in jail for allegedly roughing up a female cabin attendant on a Cleveland-bound flight, police said. The actor could face federal charges for Thursday's incident on board a Continental Airlines flight from Toronto, where he is filming All That Glitters with singer Mariah Carey.

The flight attendant claims that Howard grabbed her wrist and barked at her to get out of his way when she warned him to remain in his seat while the "fasten seat belt" sign was on, Cleveland Police Lt. Sharon McKay said.

Howard was reportedly taking his 3-year-old daughter Heavenly to the bathroom, McKay said. Another passenger assisted the flight attendant, who was not seriously hurt, she said.

On arrival in Cleveland, Howard was charged with assault and jailed overnight, but he was released when the local prosecutor said he lacked jurisdiction. The case was turned over to the FBI, which is currently investigating the incident.

Howard also appeared in the romantic comedy The Best Man.

Reuters contributed to this story.