Danica Patrick shares side-by-side body images to inspire fans
WATCH: The "Pretty Intense" author and NASCAR driver shares her workout routine and the eating plan that got her into top shape.

Danica Patrick is trying to dispel the myth that everything on Instagram is what it seems.

The racecar driver shared two images of her stomach on Tuesday to show her followers the difference between a "stylized pic" and a "normal" one.

In a caption alongside the photos, Patrick wrote that she used the "same lighting, same pose, just a clothing adjustment."

"Girls, it’s easy to look at pictures on social and get wrapped up in perfection. I’m not perfect, and neither is anyone else," she wrote. "As long as you’re putting in the work and eating well, your body will respond. But more importantly, your mind will. You will start saying things like -- I can, I will, I’m strong, I feel good, I am happy."

Patrick, 35, shared similar side-by-side images last June and encouraged her followers to merely see others' fitness photos as motivation. To that end, also wrote a book that was published last December outlining how she stays in shape.

According to Patrick's latest post, her goal is to "be that person that walks into a room or up to someone and they just feel better."

"That’s [sic] has nothing to do with the way I look. But, I bet It looks beautiful to someone who needs it," she explained. "And don’t we all want to be lit up? Now go be someone’s light today. Or many if you can!"