3rd grader's school project reaches Brad Pitt at SAG Awards

"This is definitely one we'll never forget," teacher Heather May said.

A third grader is spreading smiles after his school project traveled all the way to the 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in the hands of Brad Pitt.

Chase Moh, a Wisconsin elementary school student, is the son of actor and martial artist Mike Moh, who played Bruce Lee in the 2019 film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

Chase's assignment was based off the children's book "Mailing May" in which the character can't afford a train ticket to visit her grandmother. Instead, she's weighed, wears a postage stamp and is "mailed" to her grandmother by way of mail car, Chase's teacher, Heather May, explained to "Good Morning America."

After reading the book, May asks the kids to draw a self-portrait, give it to a relative and see where their drawing ends up in the world.

Some are photographed at the Grand Canyon, spring break vacation or a go-cart trip. But it was to May's surprise that one reached an A-list celebrity.

"It was the SAG Awards and I turned it on just to see if Mike Moh and his wife were there," May said. "Monday morning I told Chase, 'I saw your dad on TV' and he said, 'My dad got a picture with Brad Pitt.'"

"This is definitely one we'll never forget," she added. "We were so excited ... someone really, really famous touched our everyday, little third grade project."

While most of the children didn't know who Brad Pitt was, May said Chase was very impressed by the photo.

"When his dad showed him the picture Chase said, 'I pretended to faint because I know how big of a movie star Brad Pitt is,'" she said.

May said the project was presented to 100 third graders this year. There is no deadline, and by the end of the year all portraits are hung outside the classroom.

Last week, the school district posted the photo of Pitt with Chase's project on Facebook, where it's racked up hundreds of likes.

"GMA" reached out to Mike Moh via Twitter but the star has yet to comment.