Father of the bride can't hold back tears seeing his daughter on wedding day
WATCH: When Gladys Salinas' father, who asked ABC News not to use his name, first saw her on her wedding day Saturday, he couldn't help but break down into tears. Salinas' younger sister, Rosa Moran, captured the heartwarming moment in a viral video.

When one father saw his oldest daughter in her wedding gown for the first time, he tried to hold back his tears but he just couldn't help it.

Gladys Salinas' father, who asked ABC News not to use his name, broke down in tears while the two hugged, a moment caught in an emotional video that went viral on Twitter after Salinas' younger sister Rosa Moran tweeted it.

The Dallas father of two said he was overcome by "so much happiness."

Newlyweds Gladys and Miguel Salinas on their wedding day, which was Dec. 2, 2017.

"Just seeing my first girl leave the nest, it really just got me super emotional," he added. "It was such a special moment and such a blessing to be able to see her get married."

Salinas, 26, credits her parents and new parents-in-law with her union to Miguel Salinas. The two became engaged after four years of long distance dating.

Bride Gladys Salinas on her wedding day on Dec. 2, 2017.

"My parents and his parents have been so supportive of this relationship," the bride said. "That's what made it possible for us to get to this point."

The two wed on Saturday inside a local Spanish Catholic church, before taking their reception to Dallas' Bella Luna Hall.

Bride Gladys Salinas with her sister, Rosa Moran, and her bridesmaids on her wedding day, Dec. 2, 2017.

Still, Gladys Salinas said it was that initial moment of seeing her dad break down into tears that was a memorable part of the day.

"He always starts laughing before he gets super emotional. So he just came in laughing," the Spring Hope, North Carolina, newlywed recalled. "[And I thought,] 'Oh my gosh, here come the water works.' I had just got my make up done and I was trying not to cry, but it was a such a sweet feeling watching him get so emotional."

The wedding party for the Dec. 2, 2017 wedding of Gladys and Miguel Salinas.

Salinas said since she was a little girl, she and her dad have been "super, super close." She added, "He just tries to always keep a smile on his face and make you remember that whatever happens, happens."

Now that she's a married woman, Salinas hopes to one day take that same outlook on life and "instill that in our children as well," she said.