Bill Kristol: Donald Trump Mystique Would Disappear With Iowa Loss

The Weekly Standard editor also weighs in on Jeb Bush's campaign.

KRISTOL: I was semi-serious. I don't think Trump will be the nominee, so I don't expect it to be an issue. But since I don't think I could support Trump, and I'd like to have someone to vote for, if Trump were to be the nominee, I'd be open to a new party, probably for 2016 only -- but you never know.

3] Ok, lay out for me a scenario in which Donald Trump does not win the nomination. Who overtakes him? And when?

KRISTOL: Trump loses Iowa, the mystique disappears, he's just another candidate -- though perhaps a formidable one -- and he's beaten by either [Marco] Rubio, [Ted] Cruz or [Chris] Christie.

4] Looking at the polls, Trump does not seem to be penalized by his supporters for making controversial comments. What does that tell you?

KRISTOL: For now, they're willing to set a lot aside on behalf of their favorite. I'm not sure that continues forever or even for another month.

KRISTOL: Bush may be a little less dead than everyone thinks. He needs to run ahead of Christie and [John] Kasich in Iowa, and then again in New Hampshire. If he can do this, he stays in as the sober, experienced candidate against Trump, Cruz and Rubio.