House passes bill allowing concealed carry across state lines
WATCH: Critics argue that the bill would relax laws in areas with tight gun control.
<p itemprop="articleBody"> The House of Representatives passed a controversial measure Wednesday that would allow gun owners with concealed carry permits from one state to carry them in other jurisdictions. </p><p itemprop="articleBody"> The <a href="" id="ramplink_Concealed Carry_" target="_blank">Concealed Carry</a> Reciprocity Act, one of the <a href="" id="ramplink_National Rifle Association_" target="_blank">National Rifle Association</a>'s top legislative priorities, passed in a largely party-line vote, 231-198, sending the measure to <a href="" id="ramplink_the Senate_" target="_blank">the Senate</a>. </p> <amp-ad width=330 height=215 class="amp-ad" layout=responsive type="yieldmo" data-ymid="1371679753232875073"> </amp-ad><p itemprop="articleBody"> Gun control advocates argue that the proposal would effectively loosen gun control laws in tightly restricted locations such as New York City. </p><p itemprop="articleBody"> The bill also contained measures requiring the <a href="" id="ramplink_Department of Justice_" target="_blank">Department of Justice</a> to produce to Congress a report about bump stock modifications and another that tightens National Instant Criminal Background Check System reporting requirements in the wake of last month's church shooting in Texas, perpetrated by a gunman whose prior <a href="" id="ramplink_domestic violence_" target="_blank">domestic violence</a> conviction was not reported to the system. </p><p itemprop="articleBody"> In the Senate, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act will need to clear a 60-vote threshold to pass.</p>