Kimmel: Trump 'is a dictator' and here's the proof

Trump's former doctor claims he asked him to fake medical notes.

Jimmy Kimmel called President Donald Trump "a dictator" Wednesday night after a doctor claimed the president had asked him to write fake medical notes during his campaign.

"Remember during the campaign Trump's doctor with the hair wrote that letter that said, 'If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency'?" Kimmel said, reading a copy of a glowing doctor's note from physician Harold Bornstein. "It seemed like a sentence like that could only come from Donald Trump. Well, turns out -- it did come from Donald Trump."

Kimmel, reacting to Bornstein's claims that the letter came directly from Trump, said the allegations, if true, would prove that the president "is a dictator."

"Dr. Bornstein now says the president dictated the letter directly to him. So he is a dictator," Kimmel said. "He says Trump even dictated things he refused to include in the letter, which means that was the toned-down version that we saw."

Stephen Colbert also poked fun at the docter's note, with a tweet from the "Late Show" account including an imaginary note from Trump's dentist that read: "Most teeth ever. Much longer tongue than Obama."