Best Buy employees perform 'surgery' on 3-year-old’s beloved toy dinosaur

Two Best Buy employees were more than willing to help out a 3-year-old boy.

A little boy in Florida has a smile as big as a Tyrannosaurus rex thanks to a couple of caring Best Buy employees.

"The dinosaur was his Christmas present this past year. He tells everyone that it's his baby," Negron told "GMA." "He spent the whole morning sitting there holding his dinosaur with a broken head with the saddest look on his face."

Negron knew she had to cheer her son up, so she found an identical dinosaur online at Best Buy for same day pick up and decided to order. She knew Jordan would only want his "baby" and not a new dinosaur, so she came up with a plan.

Negron drove Jordan and his broken dinosaur to the local Best Buy, and when they got there, she informed the employees at the online pick-up counter about the urgent situation.

"We are here for a very delicate matter,” Negron told the Best Buy employees. “You see, we need a dinosaur doctor as the head has broken off of our baby dinosaur!"

Negron didn’t know how employees would react to the request, but she was overjoyed when the woman behind the counter, named "T," began playing right along with her story.

"She called over her fellow associate Stephanie and explained our very unique and delicate situation," Negron wrote in her post. "Without missing a beat, they 'took the broken dinosaur into surgery.'"

Negron says Jordan stood behind the counter out of view as the Stephanie and "T" described the surgery they were performing on his little friend.

"Just a few more stitches," the two told Jordan, while opening the dinosaur that was ordered online from the box.

"The way they communicated with him was beyond words," Negron told "GMA." "I had this plan in my head and didn't know how they would react, but they completely got it."

"They pulled off this elaborate hoax with bright smiles and quick action," Negron wrote in her Facebook post. "As they handed him his 'fixed' dinosaur he squealed with joy."

As for any future dinosaur mishaps, Negron says she and her two favorite "dinosaur doctors" have a plan.

"Stephanie noticed there was only one more in the store so she has it as emergency backup just for us," Negron told "GMA." "She couldn't bear the thought of Jordan having to go without it.

When Best Buy corporate caught wind of the story they gave Stephanie and "T" their very own special badges with "Dinosaur Doctor" written on the bottom.

"As far as Jordan's concerned, Best Buy is now the dinosaur doctor," Negron said.

Negron said she’s sincerely thankful to the two women who took the time to "fix" not only her son’s baby, but also his broken heart.

"I am forever grateful to these two women who went above and beyond to be the best dinosaur doctors ever," Negron wrote in her post. "From this very nervous mom, I say the most sincere thank you."