Jewel-toned tumblers, color-changing hot cups and more in Starbucks new holiday collection

The reusable tumblers and cups will be as festive as the drinks inside.

Starbucks has a sneak peek at some of the new mugs, tumblers and other festive wares to fill your cup of holiday cheer.

The reusable drink collection ranges from color-changing cups to foliage-print tumblers in winter-themed, jewel tones like emerald, fuchsia and blush.

Check out the lineup of Starbucks's holiday offerings:

The set of color-changing hot cups transform when hot or cold liquid is added and comes in a six pack. There's also a cold beverage cup with a color-changing straw.

Even in the winter months cold coffee fans can brighten up their brew with a sparkle "Bling Cold Cup" that comes in black, ice and an array of trending jewel winter colors.

A new 20-ounce tumbler looks sleek and seasonal that changes color from steel to wintery green.

Starbucks Reserve locations, including roasteries in Chicago, New York and Seattle, have two new items in the 2021 Christmas Reserve collection, including a ceramic gold mug and a red floral mercury tumbler.