Mariah Back in the Hospital

( — Mariah Carey reportedly is back in the hospital, just a month after she was released from a clinic where she had been treated following an emotional meltdown. Carey's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, refused to comment on published reports that the pop star had been hospitalized again. But both the New York Daily News and the New York Post reported the singer was being treated at a Los Angeles hospital. The Daily News said Carey was at UCLA Medical Center, which has a psychiatric wing. The paper quoted an unidentified music source as saying Carey "may have tried to go back to work too soon." "She had been meeting with executives at Virgin Records, and apparently, she simply wasn't ready for that," the source said. Singer Had Canceled Interviews There had already been some indications that Carey was not ready to return to the hectic schedule she had before her breakdown. On Wednesday, Carey's representatives said she had put off a Sept. 14 appearance on The Tonight Show, where she had been expected to promote Glitter. The star makes her acting debut in the film and also performs on the soundtrack album. A day before she pulled out of that appearance, Carey postponed an interview with ABCNEWS's Barbara Walters. The interview had been set to air on 20/20 Sept. 12, the day after the soundtrack album hits store. The show's representatives had promised the singer would discuss with Walters the reasons behind her emotional and physical breakdown. Berger said Tuesday that Carey is continuing to recover and "needs more time to rest." Upon learning of Carey's decision, Walters said, "We were concerned to hear that Ms. Carey would be unable to do the interview at this time, and wish her well." 'You Always Make Me Smile' Carey, 31, was taken to a hospital on July 26 in suburban Westchester County in New York after suffering a breakdown in which she reportedly became so violently upset that she smashed plates. She was later moved to a facility in Connecticut, and has been with her mother, under her doctor's care, since being released Aug. 27. Carey's representatives blamed her breakdown on exhaustion and stress from working on Glitter and its soundtrack, as well as another movie, Wise Girls, which is due out next year. Glitter is set to open Sept. 21. The Grammy-winner recently posted a voice message on her official Web site for her fans. She said: "Hey guys, I'm just checking in, letting you know that I love you. I'm reading the letters you wrote me, and you always make me smile, no matter what. I'll call you soon, bye."