Sixteen Other Zoos Around the World to See Giant Pandas

With the National Zoo losing its panda, here's a list of other pandas to visit.

Dec. 4, 2009— -- With the Smithsonian's National Zoo to lose its giant panda, Tai Shan, in 2010, countless tourists are sure to be disappointed. But for those willing to hop on a plane or take a long drive there are other places to see pandas, including three other zoos in America and 13 other places around the world.

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The San Diego Zoo is home to four pandas: female Bai Yun and male Gao Gao, who are the parents of several pandas including Su Lin and Zhen Zhen who are both still in San Diego.

On the East Coast, Zoo Atlanta is also home to four pandas: female Lun Lun and male Yang Yang and their offspring Mei Lan and Xi Lan. Lun Lun likes the smell of cinnamon and mint, while Yang Yang has a preference for Tabasco and lavender.

In April 2003, the Memphis Zoo became host to two pandas of its own: Ya Ya and Le Le, who share a three-acre, $16 million exhibit space with several other species native to China.

Also in North America, the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City is home to three female giant pandas.

In Europe, Zoo Berlin is home to Bao Bao, a male born in 1978.

In Austria, Vienna's Schönbrunn Zoo is home to Fu Long, born in August 2007. His parents, Yang Yang and Long Hui had been at the zoo since March 2003.

More Giant Pandas in Zoos

The only other pandas in Europe can be found at Madrid's zoo and aquarium. The zoo is home to two female pandas: Hua Zui Ba and Bing Xing.

Just last week Australia's Adelaide Zoo welcomed two giant pandas, Wang Wang and Funi. They are the only giant pandas in the Southern Hemisphere and the first to live permanently in Australia.

In Japan, giant pandas can be found at Adventure World in Shirahama. The park is home to twins Meihin and Eihin and father Eimei.

Also in Japan, the Kobe Oji Zoo is home to two giant pandas: Tan Tan and Ko Ko.

In Thailand, the Chiang Mai Zoo is home to three pandas: Chuang Chuang, Lin Hui & Lin Ping.

In Taiwan, the Taipei Zoo has two giant pandas Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan.

Pandas in China

Finally, there are plenty of places in China of course to see giant pandas:

In Hong Kong, Ocean Park is home to four panda -- Jia Jia, An An, Le Le and Ying Ying. The park also lets some visitors, with three-day advance notice, become honorary panda keepers and get a behind the scenes look and the panda's lives.

The Beijing Zoo is home to Gu Gu.

The Chengdu Panda Base is home to giant pandas, red pandas and other Chinese endangered animals.

To see pandas in their natural habitat, travel to the Wolong National Nature Reserve, a sprawling preserve with numerous animals and birds and substantial native panda population.