Connecticut Boy's Persuasive Santa Letter Gets Granddad Christmas Day Off

The boss’ response included a call to a “concerned” Mr. Claus.

Leo Otero, grandfather to 9-year old Julian, is an employee at Madison Beach Hotel in Madison, Connecticut, who now won't be working Christmas Day, thanks to his boss, Julian and old Saint Nick.

Julian gave his letter to his mother to mail for him.

“His mom then gave the letter to her father [Julian’s grandfather] who brought it to work and showed it to me,” hotel general manager John Mathers told ABC News. “We immediately drafted the memo in response.”

Mathers' memo to Otero stated, "I called [Santa] and he was concerned that you were planning to work on Christmas Day. Your grandchildren are quite upset about this! I think it would be best if you planned to take the day off and spend it with your family."

"P.S. Did you know that Julian wants an Xbox 360? Santa is not sure he's ready for such a fancy toy," Mathers wrote.