Ex-Edwards Aide: $1 Million Spent to Cover Up Pregnant Mistress

There, he said, she was allowed to spend freely to furnish the four-bedroom rental home, using a new credit card in the alias "Jaya James." Young said she was also given a $28,000 BMW.

Young said these fresh expenses were paid for by Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, a reclusive 99-year-old heiress and Edwards fan, who gave more than $700,000 which ended up in accounts controlled by Young with no strings attached. Young told ABC News that Mellon did not know her funds were going to support Hunter until after the fact.

"She [Mellon] would send them in boxes of chocolate with a note like ... 'This is to save the nation,' or 'This is ... to save the world' or whatever," Young said. "The checks would range from $10,000 up to $200,000."

Mellon declined to comment.

During this time, Young was also pitted against Edwards' increasingly demanding mistress and suspicious wife. In a voice mail to Young on Dec. 14, 2007 at 8:19, the day after Young said he agreed to claim paternity of Hunter's child, Edwards warned his aide that Elizabeth may be listening in on their next call: "I am going to leave this message just in case you get a call from me where I ask you what's going on. The reason we are calling is because Elizabeth is standing there. So, just be aware of that. If I am calling saying what happened, how did this happen, or what's going on, then that's because Elizabeth is standing there with me."

In hiding, Young said they all watched as Edwards finished a distant second in Iowa, third in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and suspended his campaign in January 2008. But since Edwards was angling for a position in a Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama administration, the cover-up continued, Young said.

Cover Up Comes Crashing Down

After Hunter gave birth to daughter Frances Quinn Feb. 27, 2008, life on the lam became life in limbo -- according to Young -- waiting for Edwards to put an end to all the lies.

It wasn't until last week, with Young's book about to be published, that Edwards abandoned his long denial, revealing in a statement that he was the father of Hunter's almost 2-year-old daughter.

But Young's relationship with Edwards had rapidly deteriorated to the point that Edwards wouldn't return the aide's phone calls.

Young said his role in the scandal made it impossible to get another job. He claims that Edwards led him to believe that Baron and Mellon were setting up a foundation of which Young would be the executive director.

"[He] promised me ... that our family would never want for anything. That they were going to take care of us for life …. hat John Edwards had never had such a good friend. That he loved us," Young said.

But as fast as they went into hiding, everything came crashing down even faster. On July 21, 2008, Edwards attended an event in Los Angeles and, without the knowledge of the Youngs, went to the Beverly Hilton to visit Hunter and her baby. The National Enquirer had been tipped off by a source, staked out the hotel, and caught Edwards in a public bathroom during the visit.

Grand Jury Investigates Cover-Up

In May 2009, a federal grand jury in Raleigh, N.C. began investigating whether any crimes were committed in an effort to conceal Edwards' affair with Hunter.

Young testified about his role in the cover-up, as well as the senator's.

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