Timeline: Scandal According to Andrew Young

June 19, 2008: Young requests a meeting with Edwards, which is granted at the River Inn in Washington, D.C. At the beginning, their meeting was cordial with Edwards telling Young his woes. "Elizabeth screams all the time at me about you ... and I take your side. You don't believe it, but I do. I was asleep out in the barn the other night -- she won't let me sleep in the house -- and was sound asleep, and she comes in and starts screaming at me, like an inch from my face. I am going through hell," writes Young in his book. However, they grow increasingly confrontational and almost get into a fight, but at the end, Edwards, per Young, renews his promise to establish an anti-poverty foundation with funds from Bunny Mellon where Young would be employed.

June 20, 2008: Edwards leads most polls as favorite for Barack Obama's VP; Congressional Black Caucus reports Obama vetting team has Edwards on a short list of three for VP; Baron tells Young Attorney General is sure thing if Edwards not selected for VP.

July 2008: During a trip back to Raleigh, Young claims to find a box of stuff discarded by Hunter, which includes a sex tape and tapes of interviews Hunter did with Edwards' parents and kids at Edwards' home. Young decides he has an important chip and says he made plan to leave copies of the tapes with attorney should anything happen to him.

July 21, 2008: Edwards attends an event with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and then, without the knowledge of the Youngs, goes to the Beverly Hilton to visit Hunter and her baby with the help of Hunter's friend Bob McGovern. The National Enquirer catches him at the Hotel.

July 22, 2008: Edwards calls Young, who says Edwards was "bawling, he was crying ... 'I have been caught! I have been caught!" Young tries to calm Edwards down and then speaks with Baron, who been at the Mayo Clinic for cancer treatment. "Fred believed that Edwards had been doing this and stupidly risking everything. And Fred got very very, very upset," he recalled.

Later, Young claims, Edwards asked Young and Baron to "arrange for a fake paternity test ... and he asked me and Cheri to steal a diaper from the baby so that, that he could secretly do a DNA test to find out if it was indeed his child." Fred, according to Young, refused saying it was "illegal and ridiculous."

July 23, 2008: Elizabeth calls Cheri's cell and leaves her a message saying: "Andrew needs to pay for that baby." Young says Edwards told him that he had told Elizabeth that he was at the hotel to help Hunter because Young wasn't paying child support, and that Hunter and McGovern were blackmailing him.

Elizabeth calls Young's cell and leaves him a message saying: "If you want to be helpful to me you cannot call a bunch of people ... you can call one person and that is the mother of your child and pay what you owe to take care of this baby. This is a completely crazy, desperate, pathetic woman with no skills and no possibility of employment. You are going to have to take care of your baby. If you do that she won't behave in this erratic way. And then, you and your concubine and your entire family can stay out of our lives."

July 29, 2008: Edwards leaves Young a message on his cell. "Andrew, it's John. It's 5:48 North Carolina time. I did just find something out about what's on the cover of the National Enquirer. Call me if you can in the next couple of minutes cause I'm gonna have to put this phone away. Thanks. Bye."

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