EXCERPT: 'My Footprint,' by Jeff Garlin

Here's one with a great name. It's the Pride XL Mobility Chair. I read the description and learn that when you press a button on the chair, instead of having to get up, the chair lifts you up. And yet they call it the Pride Mobility Chair. I think one of the first things about being a proud person is that you can stand up on your own. I'm not talking about someone in a wheelchair or someone who was in an accident. I'm talking about when you really don't have a reason for not being able to stand up yourself. They should call it the Embarrassment Mobility Chair. Or the You've Hit Rock Bottom Mobility Chair. Or even the You Should Be Ashamed Mobility Chair.

Next up is something you've probably seen in commercials. And to me, this is so horrible and wrong ...it's the Living XL Wearable Sleeves Blanket. Now, how many times have you covered yourself in a blanket, and then thought, I can't get up! I can't maneuver; if only I had sleeves! It's only a matter of time until you see someone wearing this thing at the grocery store to keep warm while perusing the frozen foods aisle.

My God, they've got toilets! All right, here's one: a toilet seat that's called the Big John toilet seat. And if you think I'm making this up, I'm not -- 1,200-pound capacity. Can a 1,200-pound person get up and go to the bathroom, let alone sit down and read? Twelve hundred pounds?! Who's taking a s**t in that house? It's described as "durable and convenient." I understand the need for durability on this one, but what makes it more convenient than other toilet seats? Oh, right, it must be for the four-hundred-pound man with the four-hundred-pound girlfriend who wants to sit on his lap as he goes number two—or in this case, number five. The 1,200-pound capacity toilet really takes the worry out of going to the john. Once you get there, there's no panicking questions like, "Can it hold me?" Oh yes, it can. It most certainly can.

And here's another bottomed-out contraption, the "Pistol-Grip, No-Bend Toenail Clippers." Not being able to reach your toes because of the size of your belly -- I'm sorry, but that's a low point. Maybe it's not the low point. You could be wearing a blanket and clipping your toenails while taking a dump on the Big John. It's a low point just the same.

But here's the moment that might be the real bottom for me: I turn the page and look at the model who's displaying the Cabin Comfort Inflatable -- and who do you think he looks like? That's right, he looks like me. When you're going through a fat catalog and making fun of it, and you get to the last page and the model is your twin, that's your low point.

It was embarrassing enough just being sent a copy in the mail, but the fact that I look like a model in Living XL renders me speechless. I just don't know what to say. He looks just like me! Wow. I've always wanted to look like a model, but not one from the Living XL catalog. So this is my bottom. Done! I'm not messing around anymore. I'm like the Captain in WALL-E. If not now, then when? You will see a weight-loss festival like you've never imagined.

Jeff Garlin: 'My Footprint'

As I get started on this big bowl of adventure, I wonder why I'm doing it. I guess I look at this book as my impetus. My motivating factor. If writing this book doesn't make me lose weight and/or go green, what will?

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