Was Utah Doctor's Wife Victim of Foul Play?


His grown daughters said a few days later that MacNeill had insisted that the family hire a nanny to care for the four younger adopted daughters. Though Rachel and Alexis say they offered to help, MacNeill seemed to have his mind made up, and even had a potential nanny on the short list.

The name was one that was familiar to Alexis: Gypsy Willis -- the woman whom Michele thought Martin was having an affair with during their marriage.

"There was only one candidate and that was Gypsy," Rachel MacNeill, said.

Two weeks after Michele's death, Gypsy Willis moved into the family home. But what kind of "nanny" was she? Her role seemed to be more like a girlfriend than a nanny, according to Alexis and Rachel.

"She didn't cook, she didn't clean, she didn't take care of the children in any way," said Rachel.

Suspicious, Alexis and Rachel MacNeill began a long personal and legal battle with their father. Alexis went to court to try to gain custody of the three youngest adopted MacNeill children, Ada, and Sabrina and Elle, who are from Ukraine

Alexis and Rachel said their father was upset.

"He said, 'If you fight me, I'm going to get you thrown out of medical school,'" said Alexis. "We were basically… pushed out of the house by my dad."

"I was told that I needed to leave the home because I wasn't nice to Gypsy," said Rachel. "He wanted to make it known that it was either Gypsy or his children, and he chose the 'nanny.'"

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