Jonas Brothers Speak Out on Life as Celebs

Fifteen-year old Nick Jonas has caught on quickly to the perks of being a teen heartthrob: "When you see a girl that you think is totally hot, in an airport or something, and she'll come up and be like, 'Oh my gosh, you guys are the Jonas Brothers.' And we're like, 'Oh, yes, we are,' " he tells People magazine.

In a special newsstand-only issue dedicated to the popular brother musical act, out Friday, Kevin, 20, Joe, 18, and Nick talk about their celebrity crushes, latest obsessions, style secrets and hidden talents.

Nick's talent is making "really good" macaroni and cheese. Kevin says he is double-jointed and can burp on command. And Joe? He's a "great matchmaker," having set up his bass player with a girl they saw on the street in Boston.

Nick opens up about wearing a purity ring, which symbolizes his commitment to abstinence until marriage: "It's a personal decision. It's another way for us to be different," he says. "Some people are like 'Whoa' -- taken aback. Why is the world so freaked out that we have standards?"

The boys also dish about pal Miley Cyrus, whom they joined on her Best of Both Worlds tour: "We had a party on the tour bus for my birthday, but Miley couldn't come because she was grounded," Kevin says.

The trio will stay busy this summer with a new Disney Channel movie, "Camp Rock" (due June 20), and touring, gathering footage for a reality show due next spring along the way.