Jesse James: 'I Cheated on My Wife. Guess What? So Do Millions of Other Men'


Jesse James on Sandra Bullock: 'I Can't Worry About Her Anymore'

When asked if he thought that jumping into another marriage so soon would be hurtful to Bullock, James said though it has been painful, he realized he has to move on.

"I can't worry about her anymore," James said. "I think I've spent a good chunk of the last five or six years worrying only about her, and what she thinks, and what I should do ... controlling all my movements and everything else ... I think it's time to worry about Jesse and making sure Jesse's happy."

After such a tabloid-filled year, James' life seems simpler. Though he shuttered West Coast Choppers, he's still co-owner of the Austin Speed Shop, restoring vintage cars and mentoring new mechanics. The full-time dad also spends his days practicing his blacksmithing, a skill he went to Israel to learn, but he's taking his time deciding what his next professional venture will be.

"I like to make stuff and hand it to the person and then they pay me," he said. "When everything was big and Wal-Mart deals and licensing and all this craziness, it just took me away from what I was supposed to be doing."

He continued, "I don't need billions of dollars and I don't need licensing deals. All I need is my welding helmet, a box full of welding rods, and something to make and I'm in heaven."

In his memoir -- and in person -- James seemed more at peace, ready to move on and put the past behind him.

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