Liv Tyler Shares Her Beauty Tips, Including Colonics and Fasting

PHOTO: Liv Tyler is seen walking in the SoHo neighborhood of New York, July 2, 2014.Raymond Hall/Getty Images
Liv Tyler is seen walking in the SoHo neighborhood of New York, July 2, 2014.

Liv Tyler works hard to look as good as she does.

One of her secrets? A week-long retreat to a detox spa in California.

"I do really hot baths with different salts and oils a few times a week and exfoliate," she told Violet Grey. "I also believe in going to We Care [spa], doing a week of fasting, colonics, and sleeping a lot."

Now appearing as a cult target in the HBO series, "The Leftovers," Tyler, 37, said she welcomes playing such a stripped-down role. It was something she'd sought out for a while, as doing "weird things" has always been a passion.

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"I go to work with no makeup and they still take me down, make me a little dirty," she said. "It's been really liberating."

Off-camera, Tyler admits to having a few indulgences. She loves a glass of wine and chicken nuggets, and spending time with girlfriends, including Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes. ("I love women," she said. "I'm intrigued by them. I think women are fascinating and complex.) After all, she said, having a rich internal life attributes to looking good.

"I believe that beauty comes from the inside out," she said. "There’s no cream that can fix you if you’re not beautiful on the inside."