Tiki and Ronde Barber's New Book

While NFL superstars Tiki and Ronde Barber play for different teams, they are inseparable as brothers.

The Barber brothers have written a new children's book, called By My Brother's Side and it's all about the important bond of brotherhood.

The brothers talked about their lives and their new book in the following Q and A.

A Conversation with Twin NFL Stars: Tiki Barber & Ronde Barber, authors of By My Brother's Side

Q: You both played a lot of sports as kids. At what age did you two decide that you were most serious about football?

Tiki: We probably didn't exclusively focus on football until our second year in college. We just enjoyed being athletes.

Ronde: I don't think it was ever a case of deciding that football was the right sport to get serious about. We were both great track-and-field athletes as well, and we competed into our college days. I would guess that our senior years in high school, after we accepted our football scholarships, was when we said this is what we are best at.

Q: Tiki: did you ever have any trouble with the leg you broke as a child? Ronde: have you had any injuries playing sports?

Tiki: After I was healed up and competing again I never had trouble with it (for the record, I only lacerated my leg, albeit to the bone, nothing was broken). Ronde: I have had many injuries playing football. Far too many to recall, actually. I have recovered from five different surgeries from my second year in college through my last one in 2003.

Q: Did you ever try to switch places on the field?

Tiki: No, our positions are too different, it would be a disaster.

Ronde: No. I never felt a need for that. At some point we became fairly specialized at what we do. Of course, in recreational football and even through prep ball, we played everywhere.

Q: Do you have a favorite childhood book?

Tiki: The Little Engine That Could.

Ronde: I would guess it was a Dr. Seuss book because his are the ones that come to mind. Q: Since you play in different regions, are you able to see each other's games? Do you talk about the games, plays, and outcomes afterward?

Tiki: I try to watch as many games of Ronde's that I can. I usually only can see them when he's on national TV. We do talk after every game, whether I see it or not, about what and how each of us did.

Ronde: Only occasionally do I get to see his games. And we do talk after every game, but it's not too much about football.

Q: You played each other last year on November 17, 2003. What was the outcome of the game, and on which side did your mom sit?

Tiki: Ronde's team, the Bucs, won the game. My mom sat in a box on Ronde's side (home teams get better tickets).

Ronde: Tampa won, and Mom always sits with the home team.

Q: What would you each say is the single greatest characteristic that is necessary to make it to the NFL? Is that any different from what it takes to have a long career in professional football?

Tiki: I think they are the same thing. A lot goes in to being a NFL player and having a long career, so it's hard to narrow it down to the one most important characteristic. However, I think having a strong belief in yourself and not seeing failure as an option is at the top. Make your self-fulfilling prophecy a positive one.

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