'The Heat' Star on Working With Bullock, McCarthy

Demian Bichir discusses his role in new comedy and his upcoming new series on FX.
3:38 | 07/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Heat' Star on Working With Bullock, McCarthy
huge opening weekend for the comedy "the heat" driven by the star power of sandra bullock, melissa McCarthy and demian bichir. He plays -- he plays sandy's boss in the movie and here he is trying to help -- well, he's trying to keep her in line. Good luck with that. Hey. It's ashburn, sir. I'm going to need authorization to suspend a police officer from my investigation, sir. Ashburn, why is working with local authorities a problem for you? Sir, it's not. I I understand how this might sound coming from me. She grew up in those streets and knows them better than anyone. It seems like an asset to our investigation. Sir -- no, j work with her. Show me you can do this or forget the promotion. hey, everybody, we're so happy to have demian with us this morning. Oscar nominee, friend of the show and great job in "the heat." Thank you. How much fun was it working with those two special ladies. It was incredible. Hard to give it up -- like a straight face with these girls because they are weigh not only beautiful and talented but they're really, really funny full time, 24/7. melissa McCarthy was just here. She had a wonderful talk with robin and she said that it was as much fun behind the sces as it was on camera. You guys had sometimes a very hard time keeping straight faces that's how it worksment our director, he's a champion, because he made it all happen and I -- he wanted to be a part of the cast and I couldn't be prouder and happy with his girls which I've been a big fan of for a long time and I think it was a little fun but it was in between takes when I was just cracking up all the time. Right, right. You know, we know you so well from your work in "the a better life" nominated for an oscar when I got to interview you. Such a left turn from the roles you usually do. What attracted you to some of your more serious roles? I try to go in different directions as much as I can and you don't get those opportunities very often. No. So when I got the invitation, I really wanted to go into this completely different direction and I have done comedy many times on film, in stage, in mexico but never here and i really wanted to do that and now that we're jumping into the bridge, another character, totally different, that's what we actors want. We want to transit from one -- keeps your muscles in shape, I would imagine. Yeah, go in and makes you have a lot more -- not to be on cruise control. I assume if you play the same type of role -- before we get into that I want to celebrate "the bridge." New series on fx. Tell everybody a little about this series and your character. The series goes on everywhere on fx on july 10th at 10:00. Pawerful drama regarding two sides of the border, texas and elle -- diane kruger plays an el paso pd officer. So good too. So beautiful and cool and funny. Yeah. And fantastic in the role and I'm coming from the chihuahua police department and we're working together to try to find a serial killer.

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{"id":19542852,"title":"'The Heat' Star on Working With Bullock, McCarthy","duration":"3:38","description":"Demian Bichir discusses his role in new comedy and his upcoming new series on FX.","url":"/GMA/video/demian-bichir-interview-2013-heat-star-working-bullock-19542852","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}