Cell Phone Cancer Concerns: What Else Is a Danger in Your Home?


Microwave Ovens May Be More Dangerous Than Cell Phones

"[The] IARC is saying that we should be cautious and think through what we do when we regulate exposures from cell phones," Shields told ABC News. "They follow the precautionary principle and want to maximally protect public health."

Nevertheless, some experts believe the evidence, inconclusive as it is, warrants caution. ABC News reached out to 92 physicians, 65 of whom said they would continue to hold their cellphones up to their ear, but 27 said they will use hands-free devices to minimize their risk.

The Howards say they too will now take similar caution when it comes to their electronics.

"My children are so young I would want to limit the amount that they're interacting with this sort of stuff," said Elizabeth, noting she had previously allowed even 3-year-old Graham, to have his own cell phone, although it was not set up to make calls.

Researchers at the University of Utah established that the radiation dose is much higher inside the brains of 5- and 10-year-olds than in adults, a major concern as more children adopt cell phones.

Cell phone safety options for the Howards, and the world's other 5 billion cell phone users, include texting more and talking less, or using hands-free devices.

"Use a wired ear piece, that absolutely has a minimal amount of radiation, or even use a Bluetooth which has substantially less radiation than a cell phone," advised Dr. Leonard Lichtenfeld, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society, to ABC News.

In the U.S., the Federal Communication Commission set a maximum limit of 1.6 watts per kilo of body tissue. However, they did not test phones being carried directly in a person's pocket, just inside of belt holsters. So far, the recommendation continues to be to hold your cell phone about one inch away from your body.

ABC News' Katie Moisse and Michael Murray contributed to this report.

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