Prosthetic Hand: More Amputees Proud to Wear Artificial Limbs


While Hollywood movies make real-looking prosthetic limbs seem a long time coming, the technology is rising as a recent phenomenon. Movable and even experimental prosthesis that mimic real limbs have only emerged within the last five years.

Not all who choose to wear prostheses are outfitted with the latest devices.

"I think the technology, although it's improving, it's not readily accessible for all patients who need a prosthetic solution," said Natisco. "But as it becomes more available then more may feel empowered."

Schumacher Chooses Her Hand the Second Time Around

When Schumacher met with Lang, she said exactly what she was looking for.

"A lot of the natural hands just lay there and don't function," said Schumacher. "If I'm going to cover my hand, I didn't want to do it so I could look better. I wanted it to work."

Lang worked with Schumacher to create a hand that tailored to her personality. Lang says his company, Advanced Arm Dynamics, works independently with each of its patients to create a personalized prosthesis. That process helps some patients accept their prosthesis and overcome any feelings of shame, he said.

"They take their prosthesis and make it a part of themselves," said Lang. "Function is the driving factor, but if you can make something where a patient is part of the process, they take ownership of it more."

Schumacher won't stop showing off her new hand.

"The independence gives a little courage back," said Schumacher. "The prosthesis does give you back confidence."

She says she can cook for a group, and freely talks about the hand with her friends. And when she's over feeling fabulous about the hand she has now, she says she'll probably start looking for something better.

"I want to wear any and all of the newest things. I want to keep pushing the envelope," she said.

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