Plastic Chemical BPA Linked to Childhood Obesity


But the American Chemical Council, a plastics trade group, said attempts to link the nation's obesity problem to BPA distract from "real efforts" to address obesity.

"Due to inherent, fundamental limitations in this study, it is incapable of establishing any meaningful connection between BPA and obesity," spokesman Steven Hentges said in a statement. "In particular, the study measures BPA exposure only after obesity has developed, which provides no information on what caused obesity to develop."

Indeed, it could be that obese kids are simply more likely to consume canned food or products packaged in BPA-containing plastic, according to the study.

"Association does not prove causation," said Charles Santerre, professor of food toxicology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. "America is obese, not because of BPA, but because we consume more calories than we burn."

ABC News' Dr. Chandani Patel contributed reporting.

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