Too Big For a Stroller: Why Carting Your Big Kids Does a Disservice


Don't Deny Kids a Good Stretch of the Legs

Considering young kids should get at least 60 minutes of exercise daily, parents may be cutting into that physical activity time by pushing them around all the time in a stroller, Shu adds.

When is a stroller appropriate? For infants and toddlers three and younger who don't have the stamina or strength to walk, especially long distances, or the ability to follow directions and stick by their parent's side, strollers are very useful, Brown and Shu say. Even into age four and five, strollers are appropriate in certain circumstances, such as on public transit or in very crowded areas where it may be hard to keep track of a child.

Children who are disabled will also require a stroller or some kind of transport vehicle longer, Shu says, but for the general population of kids, parents would do best to transition out of strollers at age three, or even earlier.

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