Exclusive: Christiane Amanpour Interviews Saif Gadhafi


SG: First of all, Libya is not Bahrain, where like 78 percent of the population are against the royal family and the other countries are sending tools to oppress them. In Libya, it's the other way around. And the Arabs want to settle accounts with Libya. We know that. And by the way, there's a funny story here in Libya. Everyone is happy with America because people hear that the United States is against airstrikes against Libya and is not supporting British and French, Britain and France. So people here, they are angry with the Europeans. And for the first time in modern history, they like the Americans and are happy with America. And that's why, like today, people said when the army captured the New York Times correspondent in the city of [unintelligible] because she entered the city illegally, but when they found out she was American they said it's OK. You're good people. We'll free you. Even here in Libya. Because people think that Arabs and Europeans betrayed the Libyan people. And they have their own agenda. And they think the Americans have a different position. And they have, like you say, different position toward Libya. So the Arabs, as usual they are hypocrites. In Bahrain, they have proven to oppress the Bahraini people. And in Libya, no demonstration that we are Libyan fighting the armored militia and terrorists. And they are against us.

CA: Saif, let me ask you something: The four New York Times journalists -- are they going to be freed? Where are they right now?

SG: You know, they entered country illegally and when the army, when they liberated the city of Ajdabiyah from the terrorists and they found her there and they arrest her because you know foreigners in this place. But then they were happy because they found out she is American, not European. And thanks to that she will be free tomorrow. But I told you that here the people are welcoming the American position and not the Europeans and the Arabs. We are very angry at the Europeans and the Arabs because they are happy with you if you are strong -- they have contracts, they have deals and oil. If you are weak, everybody is against you. This time, the Americans are different.

CA: But this time, Americans have voted for this resolution. You know, your father told us that the whole country loves him, that his people love [him], and clearly that is not the case because in so many parts of the country they were rising up against him. Do you think your father deserves now to remain head of Libya after all these killings, after all this fighting?

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