The Lockout

Part 2: In a lockout crisis, some companies see a ripe business opportunity. Find out what the exper
8:45 | 06/05/13

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When last we left -- lockdown damsel in distress the guy in the hoodie and just used -- -- on the air bag. Before she opened her door and -- charger three times more than the base price she was ordered over the phone news I'm just curious. -- I don't know that I. Beautiful -- was -- where numbers are residents -- -- -- We'll go an extremely vaulted into the night we got on the phone and he said that since he opened the door quickly without damaging. Its price was yeah. And I would try to track down the company that sense it's. Cold and -- locksmith. A name that is suspiciously similar to a well established nationwide franchise called pop and -- See the difference there -- a locksmith -- they -- -- -- try to contact -- a locksmith to address on their website moved. From New York. You someplace and -- reject contact -- -- -- the address vanished from the website entirely before reappearing as a forwarding service in Texas. They're trying to of. Which complains. She's no registration -- for most. The ghost companies. What do trying to do just gathers many -- a kid. Get the money and leave. And this is the biggest revelation from our anonymous whistle blower. These ghost companies as bad calls them no good to hear more of lockout crisis you want someone local fast and trustworthy. So -- -- phone books in search engines with companies that seem local. Investing is to find a -- pull reaction he'd won gold to a local area that you know this -- does exist. And lock your phone number and a phone so you do need -- you'll be able to get him. Right away. But watch what happens we try to take that advice and Goldfein an actual brick and mortar locksmith shop. You go according to the -- -- listings this one little stretch of south Plainfield New Jersey the supposedly jam packed with license slots next. We -- a few into the GPS. The -- -- -- -- -- I so it turns out that USA locksmith is actually a Brazilian and Portuguese restaurant and south Plainfield -- who. Actually -- CVS pharmacy. To make things even more confusing they sometimes even copy the names of legitimate companies that exist in the same area -- -- -- sitting. That this is where -- Accurate clocks. There is an accurate accurate locksmith about an hour from here but this address is literally -- -- -- -- locked out of my house. You guys help me. Turns out that you call what you think is a local number oftentimes you're reaching yeah. -- or even thousands of miles away. -- person on the forward has a network of subcontractors. And even some subcontractors. Like the guys who came out to our hidden camera houses. Remember mr. Howard drill. He was dispatched by a company called run local which is run out of a strip mall in Michigan a good 500 miles away from local. After -- this -- quoted a starting price of fifty bucks. My -- he drilled out both the knob and the -- -- does charge seven times more. You would've saved her some money if you get started with this she would -- realized that you don't. Need to -- notice sent to Walter if you have any questions and it gave it to political and it took today I just a simple. I can get -- -- -- So let's say we can find the big boss -- -- -- coming at Santa answers over a 100000. Calls a year or so so -- is getting rich. And his name. Many -- -- yeah. First we found him on Twitter can. Where everyone in this week's sings the praises of many -- Obama I had as a renowned -- -- who respect -- all over the world. And then we found in this. -- -- But he doesn't need to do if he -- and -- The screaming -- That's -- turns out that many aka Bob I have the owner of run local is also many about funding. Action -- we have very. -- -- very good deal. You spend some of his fortune and use some of his gorgeous cars to make a movie called monster. Casting himself as psychopathic criminal mastermind. Now we could trigger -- and a parking lot like this reporter Detroit. You master lock -- -- movie but no what do you do with reimburse it -- should talk about his movie in his life. -- you know. He agrees to you could've picked any year old and lobster but you chose the villain. Like you picked -- I like -- I can. Make it happen -- coasts. In -- And in Israel. If -- I don't -- that he will get a bite. But I did not choose to -- monster in my life you could have chosen that if you -- if -- -- if I had to do it. I could do that it could have done that it's. Now many doesn't know that I know all about his locksmith business what if he had like a damsel in distress care banging. She locked out of her house. But what's his face is that suggesting new plot line for monster -- involving a stranger -- with a power drill or dollars but then a guy comes and and instead of helping her he destroys your door -- both of -- locks and charges of 365. Dollars. Instead. I can see it fitting right in the plot -- -- -- thick. Don't think so the locksmith business has anything to do with the movie. So it. He will make them more comfortable paid for continue would you. If the software can. But it paid for the movie didn't it. If it came from the movie incidents and slid over 200 complaints -- company -- and half from the Better Business Bureau. Of hundreds of your customers -- the Better Business Bureau one or former employees say you're running a bait and switch on it. Grand scale across the country. Do what he said it. And they can happen. You're making what happened. The business. Taking advantage of -- -- people have been locked out of their houses and cause some movement. -- series a million. Customize almost. In six years show me a company in America. Service almost a million customers. -- -- -- -- what kept oversight do you have for the technicians you send out. When they're doing background checks on we're talking movie only. -- your man ever charge. The prices quoted on the -- ever. We talking months to move. Many referred us to his advisor who said it is -- local policy never to quote prices over the phone although every time we called they did. He also says the technicians like mr. power drill are not their employees and once they determine the price. Customers can always refuse. What if you gave free tickets. A mobster. To every -- and local customer. -- get a better sense of you know the guy running the company. Particularly am I gonna -- it. So what what happens in the end. To the mobster. Because you get justice who have waited and watched them little good -- So -- many goes back sending people on fire in Hollywood. A few tips to avoid getting burned. Before your next -- First get a solid price quote over the phone beforehand and cautious if -- told -- that a lot has to be drilled and replaced. And experience locksmith can -- almost any line. And it gives a locksmith shop in your neighborhood drop in general get their number. We know exactly who looks back on nights like. -- just like myself out of my house.

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{"id":19335852,"title":"The Lockout ","duration":"8:45","description":"Part 2: In a lockout crisis, some companies see a ripe business opportunity. Find out what the exper","url":"/Nightline/video/lockout--19335852","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}