Donald Trump Blames China for Fact That Much of His Gear is 'Made in China'


Although many Chinese-made products are sold under the Trump name, Trump repeatedly has complained about the quality of Chinese-made goods as compared to American products. "Our companies make a better product, that's very important to know. We make a better product," he told a major gathering of conservative activists, the Conservative Political Action Conference, in Washington in February.

Trump argues that China's "currency manipulation" artificially depresses the cost of goods manufactured there, making it hard for American-based manufacturers to compete.

Adding to the outrage, in Trump's view, is that China is using its windfall to buy U.S. debt. He says the U.S. should slap heavy taxes on imported Chinese goods, to jack up their prices.

"Hey look, I know lots of folks in China, they think we are the dumbest son of a bitches in the world, all right?" he said earlier this year. "They are laughing at us behind our backs, taking money out and then they loan it to us."

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