Scandals Take a Toll on Democrats' 'War on Women' Message


"Republicans are desperately trying to change the subject because they know that their policy proposals continue to be toxic with women," DNC spokesman Michael Czin told ABC News. "In 2012, Republicans' offensive rhetoric and extreme positions cost them the White House and numerous Congressional races – and it's clear they haven't learned their lesson."

"Republicans don't just have a message problem with women – they have a substance problem, and until they reverse course and change the policies that they're proposing they'll continue to lose the support of women voters at the local, state and national level," he added.

But the sandals have at least one very concrete implication for Democrats, Republican say: it yet again tarnishes the Clinton name.

Over the last week, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has hammered the message home in emails to reporters.

"The leaders of the party that is basing its entire 2014 electoral strategy on manufacturing and exploiting the term, "War on Women," seem to care less as Democrat after Democrat is caught engaging in predatory behavior against women," wrote DSCC spokesman Brad Dayspring. "In the political world, is anything more degrading to women than accepting sexual assault, harassment, and predatory behavior?"

He called into question whether Bill Clinton, a powerful surrogate and Democratic fundraiser, could continue to stump for Democratic candidates and whether Hillary Clinton, a presumptive Democratic candidate for president in2016, will be haunted her closeness to the Weiner scandal. Huma Abedin, Weiner's wife, is one of Clinton's top aides.

"They are inextricably linked. Huma is one of Hillary's closet advisers, Bill presided over their wedding," noted Tim Miller, executive director of America Rising, a G.O.P research group that has documented the Weiner-Clinton ties in recent weeks. "The Clintons are incapable of avoiding drama and the Weiner scandal is just another example of that."

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