Wilson Phillips Makes Peace With the Past

In their second album, Wendy and Carnie reached out to their father through the lyrics — to beg him just to call.

In her interview, Sawyer asked Wilson if he would ever call his daughters again. "I have been waiting for the right time to call them," he said.

Shortly afterwards, Carnie remembers receiving a call on her answering machine. "I think he said, 'Give me a call back.' and I thought, 'Wow, Dad called.' "

A New Sound

But it was a tumultuous period, full of emotional stresses, the exhaustion of constant touring and bad choices with men.

The band split up. The three young women, who had shared their pain growing up together, grew apart. That second family they developed disappeared as they created their own real-life adult relationships.

"Sometimes I wonder — I think to myself, I wonder what would have happened to Wilson Phillips if we had stayed together," said Chynna.

But at the same time, she said, she's glad she made that decision. She — and the sisters resolved issues in their lives and found nice men, too.

Chynna married actor and family man Billy Baldwin. Wendy married producer Dan Knutson. And Carnie married Rob Bonfiglio. His last name is Italian, and it means "good son."

Wendy, Carnie and Chynna reunited recently. Twelve years after their last album, they have released a new one.

It's called California — they're singing the classic hits of the '60s, with some songs written by their parents.

For them it is the perfect marriage of who they are and where they come from. It is their attempt at rewriting the soundtrack of their lives for themselves — and their children.

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